How do I buy the game?
There will be a Kickstarter to fund the production of the game, like a pre-order. To buy the game, after the Kickstarter launches, click the “Back This Project” button and select which version of the game you want. You will not be charged for the game until the Kickstarter finishes, and the game will be delivered to you around 6-9 months later.


When does it launch on Kickstarter?


What are the questions about?
There's three categories of questions - False Memories, Fake News, and Fact or Fib.


The majority of False Memories questions are about reality shows you’ve likely never heard of, but the category also includes game shows, dating shows, and TV movies, as well as song titles and the odd random question. It’s very much ‘low’ culture, where the aim is less to do with knowledge and more to do with sniffing out the fake entry.


Fake News contains a broad spectrum of topics from the 20th century right up to today. It’s roughly a 50/50 split between pop culture questions about movies, music, TV, etc, and ‘high’ culture questions like history, geography, arts & literature, etc. Much like a general knowledge quiz, but delivered in a unique way.


Fact or Fib contains surprising true facts from all over the place. The idea is you shouldn’t know the answer, so it’s possible to bluff convincingly.


I’m a retailer. Can I order bulk copies at a discount from you?
Yes, please email me to discuss. Please include your company name and the country your business is based in.